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Every ml:
D (+) Chloprostenol …………………….. 0.075 mg
Excipients …………………….. 1 ml

Synchronises and induces oestrum. Functional disorders of the oestral cycle.
Delivery or abortion inducer. Functional disorders in the ovaries (lutheal or follicular cysts). Postdelivery uterine pathologies (pyometras, endometrites).
The specific indications are described together with the corresponding doses for each.

Bovine: * 150 ug of Chloprostenol per animal (2 ml of SINCROMIC).
Oestrum synchronisation:
A) double injection every 11 days, inseminate all the animals between 72 and 96 hours after the 2nd injection.
B) After the first injection, detect the oestrum and inseminate; those animals which have not been inseminated (because the Oestrum was not detected after the first injection) shall receive a second injection 11 days after the first one and shall be inseminated after the oestrum has been detected.
C) In case there is no insemination, the males are to be moved into the females’ rodeo.
Chronic endometritis, piometra: verify the presence of a periodical corpus luteus or pseudo-pregnancy.
Treatment may be repeated 10 to 15 days later.
Interruption of the pregnancy: the treatment is only effective when applied before the late 5th month, since from then on, the pregnancy is maintained by progesterone secreted by the placenta.
Labour induction: during the final phase of the pregnancy, delivery takes place 36 hours after administration. The incidence of retention of the placenta may increase.
Equine: * 75 ug of Chloprostenol per animal (1 ml of SINCROMIC).
Post-delivery oestrum induction: dose 6 to 10 days after ovulation of the first oestrum after delivery or 20 days after delivery.
Anestrum due to persistent corpus luteus: in general the oestrum occurs 3 to 6 days after application.
Labour induction: delivery generally takes place between 1 y 4 hours after application. It is important to make sure the pregnancy has reached its term and the mammary gland is prepared for lactation.
Swine: * 75 ug of Chloprostenol per animal (1 ml of SINCROMIC).
Labour induction: from the 115th day of pregnancy, delivery happens 21 to 36 hours post administration.

Parenteral, only by intramuscular injection.

Bovine, equine and swine.