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Calibrin A

Mycotoxin Control

Protecting Your Animals from the Inside

Calibrin-A is a highly-refined montmorillonite sorbent mineral that has a high affinity and capacity to sequester the most common mycotoxins found in feed grains and forages worldwide, particularly aflatoxin. It is obtained from a selected area of our mine where millions of years ago natural elements formed to yield a material with unique physico-chemical properties.

Using special processing techniques, we enhanced the natural properties of the mineral to improve its ability to attract and bind aflatoxin molecules. As a result, Calibrin-A sequesters aflatoxin and other mycotoxin molecules in the gastrointestinal tract thereby decreasing the bioavailability of the toxins. The result is a decrease in the clinical effects of aflatoxin, improved animal performance, and a healthier flock.

Calibrin-A is a proven enterosorbent therapy to treat aflatoxicosis and other mycotoxin diseases in livestock.