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Alpha Kymo


Alpha Kymo injection 1 vial contains 25,000 unit of a-chymotrypsin, is a pure proteolytic enzyme extract and effective in healing various tissue injuries and circulatory insufficiency due to thrombus. This product is characterized by rapid healing restoring, and interfering of various diseases extensively, several times more than trypsin but less side effects, without immune suppressive effect same as steroid hormones.


Reduction of swelling, edema, fever, pain and inflammation associated with traumatic injuries, wound ,surgery, internal and obstetric diseases.

Dosage & Administration

Inject intramuscularly once or twice a day, dissolved with prepared diluent(10ml).
* Cattle, Swine, Goat : 2ml per 100kg b.w.
* Dog: Small size-0.2ml
      Middle size-0.4ml
      Large size-0.6ml~1.0ml


Store unreconstituted product in a refrigerator.


* Use on the order of licensed veterinarian.
* Keep out of reach of children.
* Use to shake well after mix with prepared diluent.
* Avoid intra-venous injection.
* Use is contra-indicated in animals suffering from hepatic diseases.
* Should be need to sensitive test before use, for animals having anaphylactic reactions to this product.
* It reconstituted the product, use as soon as possible.
* Do not use if discoloured content or non-evacuated vessel.


25,000 unit * 10 vials.