Vision: "To create safety brand and promote sustainable development in the modern Veterinary industry"

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We achieved its targeted success on the calibre of experience & professional Doctors & trained Salesman as well as using of modern & effective marketing programmes.

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Having branches located within the vicinity of the Customers, delivery of Medicines has been advantage to our business. We delivered through our refrigerated vehicle in time to meet the customers' demands. With in-depth experience in the registration of Companies & its drugs with Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA), DENR, SDR & SMF, we are able to registered Companies, Drugs & Feed Additives. All the conditions are well studied and list of requirements are prepared professionally and sent to the manufacturers' for them to prepare the related documents for registration in time for submission. We also, from time to time update our manufacturers' of new registration conditions circulars issued from SFDA enabling the manufacturers' to have full exposed on the registration procedures.

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"With the strategic planning based on the least expectation of epidemic disease, we look forward to have the opportunity to establish cooperation between us and good manufacturer. Our assurance of successful business depends on trust and quality products which are manufactured according to the GMP guidance. Finally, with this presentation, we have given you the tour of Alkhoraif Company and if you require any further details, please feel free to contact us. "Best Regard